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  • Julie Phillips

Cultivating the back

Updated: Mar 5

In winter, we're kind of like plants. It's the time of year most of us want to limit our social interactions, especially after the holidays- we go underground in a way. Yet January is filled with expectations of exercise and "bettering ourselves."

So for this wintering season, we are taking our cue from plants. As their work goes underground to cultivate their roots -- the parts we don't see-- we are cultivating our back body, the part we don't show the world, so much, anyway.

Each class will focus on how our back relates to the exercises, how we use it, how we feel it. How we release the tension locked up in the muscles. In many cases it's been there for decades, and prevents us from lengthening throughout the exercises. In fact, these holding patterns can prevent us from even accessing our deep core muscles, simply because they're so tight, and doing the bulk of the work the deep abdominals should be helping out with.

So take some breaths, and as you go through your day, consider your back, how it moves, how it often slumps and collapses in our poor postural habits. And give it some awareness. When we can focus here, our front body will shine even brighter toward the world.

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