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  • Julie Phillips

Pilates, coming right up

I've been hitting the mat and finding my abs (and spine, glutes and hamstrings) with our dynamo Pilates teacher at Studio, Kim Whatley, for more than a year now. It's been a wonderful experience, so much so I opted to further my education and begin training to teach this modality as well (with some gentle prodding from Kim, who's pregnant and due this summer, and therefore in need of some coverage for classes and clients).

I have to say I was fully intimidated when she first asked me about doing the training; Kim is the kind of teacher who can see when you're not engaging your deepest abdominals, and then you change less than an eighth of an inch in your intention, and BAM, she sees it. Hers are big shoes to fill, but she also found a great trainer in Duluth -- Joel Crosby at Vitality Method. Between Joel's excellent program and instruction, and Kim's amazing classes, I'm pulling up my bootstraps (tightening my shoestrings?) and now teaching private sessions -- with group classes to come as Kim and I look at her goals for lightening her teaching load, and getting into Momma-Mode.

What a treat and honor to follow this path, and share this healing, strengthening, and aligning body work with others who are looking for something good for their bodies. My always perceptive 88-year-old dad watched some videos of people doing the work of Pilates and exclaimed "This stuff is beautiful! It looks like ballet!" I politely explained that I'm not *quite* there personally, but yes, the fluidity of Pilates movement indeed does have a balletic quality; moving correctly in your body not only feels good, it looks smooth and connected.

I shared this video about the history of Joseph Pilates with him too, and he was totally hooked. I hope you will be, too. Contact me with any questions, and I'll look forward to working with you soon :)

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