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 Through Yoga, Pilates and Yamuna® ("Yah-men-ah") Body Rolling, we are better able to understand this body in which we live, begin to unravel its mysteries, and
prevent pain from limiting our movement
through the world.
Hi, I'm Julie Phillips (she/her). I've been interested in body work all my life. As a performing aerialist and instructor at Canopy Studio in Athens, Ga. since 2002, I began to explore limitations and questions about my own body and found Yamuna® Body Rolling in 2010. It answered so many questions, and created so many more. Soon after, I was certified as a Yamuna® practitioner and added certifications in Yoga and Classical Pilates to further my training. I now feel like I'm a life-long student of the body.

My goal is to help you get out of pain and strengthen your body in a safe and healthy way.  
I work one-on-one and with group classes to help guide you on your own path to health and healing.



Life Alive
The Leathers Building
675 Pulaski St., Suite 2600
Athens, GA 30605

Life Alive isowned by the brilliant
Dr. Janet Cheng, chiropractor. 

Learn more about her here.

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We are proud to be an inclusive space, recognizing and welcoming friends from all races, religions, nationalities and the LGBTQ community. At Life Alive, we know without question, our commonalities far outweigh any perceived differences, especially when it comes to the bodies we live in.

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