Through Yoga, Pilates and Yamuna® ("Yah-men-ah") Body Rolling, we are better able to understand this body in which we live, begin to unravel its mysteries, and prevent tightness and pain from limiting our movement through the world.
Julie Phillips is an aerialist with Canopy Studio in Athens, Georgia. She began exploring Yamuna® and Yoga in 2010, and Pilates in 2016, as she faced limitations and questions about her body. Now a Classical Pilates instructor, Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher and Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) practitioner, Julie works one-on-one and with group classes to help guide clients on their own path to healing.

ABOUT classes

Yamuna®Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) classes and hands-on Yamuna® work (applied to a client on a massage table, floor or in a chair), use 8- to 10-inch balls to roll relaxed muscles from their origin to their insertion points, which helps align the bones and create space in the joints. In action, it looks something like a cross between yoga and massage. Students learn simple routines on a yoga mat to address areas of pain and tension. **Do not rule this out if you can't get on the floor, as this work can easily be done in a chair, bed or standing against a wall. And it feels wonderful. Many have referred to Yamuna's work as "miraculous." Read more about it here. (All balls and mats provided for your use at the studio). 

YBR relieves low back, hip, neck, knee, foot, and shoulder pain; helps relieve symptoms of arthritis, sciatica, Tendinitis, Carpal tunnel, Tennis and Golf Elbow, shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis, neuropathy and just general creakiness. It's the kind of work that leaves you feeling both relaxed and energized in your whole body. 


Yoga & Aerial Yoga

In Aerial Yoga classes, we use the "sling" as a strap, a block, or a bolster, to better work basic asanas, and take compression out of the spine in inversions (think headstand and shoulder stand without feeling the intensity of one's own body weight). In being suspended, it actually becomes easier to find our alignment and stillness in the postures.


Though aerial yoga isn't meant to take the place of the traditional floor yoga postures, beginners or people who have been injured often find it a good entrance to or back into the practice.


Julie has a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher certification. She teaches both floor and aerial yoga at Studio, drawing on her more than 15 years as an aerialist to find ways yoga asanas can be used as therapy to strengthen, stretch and heal.

Classical Pilates

“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.” - Joseph Pilates

For anyone familiar with his work, the genius of Joseph Pilates goes without saying. Julie studied Classical Pilates, for both mat and equipment with Joel Crosby at Vitality Method studio in Duluth, and teaches group and private sessions.

  • Click here or above for class schedule and registration. 

  •  $20 for drop-in class, $90 for six week package.

  • All methods of payment accepted.

  • All classes taught by Julie Phillips at Studio in the Leathers Building. Scroll down for map and directions, or call (706) 714-1346.

  • One or more private sessions recommended before joining a group class.

  • For private Yamuna or Pilates sessions, aerial yoga, or Yamuna Foot work, text or call (706) 714-1346



By appointment. Call (706) 714-1346.


Please note, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged the full amount for the missed appointment.

Yamuna® Table Treatment: 1 hour, $110

In this session, I work directly with the client, who is lying down on a massage table, to address his or her specific needs. If a client is unable to get up and down off the floor for personal Yamuna® instruction, then this is an excellent option to begin Yamuna's work, since body rolling can also be done in a chair, on a bed and leaning against a wall. I will go over simple routines that you can begin to do on your own.

Private Session: 1 hour, $60

In private sessions, I work one-on-one with clients instructing either Yamuna® Body Rolling, Pilates or yoga, to best address pain, tightness, movement restrictions, and any other issues.

I love to help you figure out ways to get out of patterns that cause problems in your movements, and to strengthen, stretch and empower you to feel stronger, longer and ready to take on whatever comes your way! 

Private & Semi-Private Pilates Mat: 50 minutes, $60 solo; $80 duet

In these sessions, we focus specifically on Pilates, using mat, the Pilates Reformer, Tower and Wunda Chair to access all the core muscles and learn to move better in everything we do.

Yamuna® Foot Fitness: 1 hour, $90

If you're suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, neuropathy, bunions or just unexplained foot pain, Yamuna's Foot Fitness is likely the relief you've been hoping for. Three sessions are recommended. Call for more details about the work. 

Yamuna® Body Rolling Balls, $22-$55

We carry all of Yamuna's Body Rolling equipment, including Foot Wakers and Foot Savers. These are provided for you in classes and private sessions, but you are welcome and encouraged to purchase one to take home. We generally recommend the pearl ball, which is $22. 


 (706) 714-1346


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All classes taught at 

Located in the Leathers Building

675 Pulaski St., Suite 1600

Athens, GA 30605


Studio includes a number of knowledgable practitioners in other fields, including Foot Reflexology, Chiropractics, and Iyengar Yoga. Call for contact information for Lauren O'Grady, Janet Cheng, Kim Whatley, Amanda Martin or Angela Campbell.